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The Highland Park Veterinary Clinic is well known and respected throughout the Chicago area for our high quality pet care.  Unlike some animal hospitals, our veterinary clinic is a professional, friendly, and caring environment, exactly that your pet needs to feel right at home.  The H.P. Veterinary Clinic is led by Dr. Jacob Cohen.  Dr. Cohen specializes in the medical, surgical, dental, and general care of all pets, at all stages of life.  So no matter what type of pet your have or what issues you’re having, The H.P. Veterinary Clinic can help.  At The H.P. Veterinary Clinic, we highly emphasize client education and preventative medicines.  We work with each of our clients one-on-one to ensure they are well informed and comfortable with the veterinarian and veterinary service before we begin.  At The H.P. Veterinary Clinic, we recognize the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of pet ownership and that each of our clients veterinary needs are different.  Recently, we’ve helped a number of Bucktown pet owners with their pet’s veterinary needs.  If your pet needs to go to the veterinarian or animal hospital, go with the best; go with The H.P. Veterinary Clinic!

Bucktown Veterinarian

Bucktown is one of Chicago’s 200 neighborhoods.  Bucktown is located east of the Logan Square community area, directly north of Highland Park, and northwest of the Loop.  Bucktown was first founded in the 19th century when it was an integral part of the Chicago’s Polish Downtown area.  Today, Bucktown is a thriving residential neighborhood that consists mainly of single-family homes and converted industrial loft spaces.  Bucktown is home to a high number of pet owners in contrast to some other Chicago neighborhoods.  When these Bucktown pet owners need a veterinarian or animal hospital they can trust, they go to The H.P. Veterinary Clinic.  Not because it’s close by, but because The H.P. Veterinary Clinic is one of the area’s most respected veterinary clinics.  We provide your pet with a peaceful atmosphere in which, they can heal properly.  Next time your pet needs veterinary attention, let The H.P.  Veterinary Clinic help.  We have the knowledge, training, and capabilities to restore your pet back to perfect health.

Bucktown Vet Clinic

At The H.P. Veterinary Clinic, our focus has always been to provide our clinic’s patients and clients with veterinary services that are tailored to their specific emotional and financial needs.  We offer a range of professional veterinary services that you can count on and we do so at our brand-new, state-of-the-art veterinary clinic/animal hospital.  We have the capabilities and resources to resolve your pet’s health issues the very first time.  This way you save time and money on your veterinary clinic visits.  Plus being located in Highland Park, we just a short drive away and always available if the event an emergency should occur.  If you would like to learn more about The H.P. Veterinary Clinic and what we can do for your pet, give us a call today.  You won’t regret it!  Your pet will be healthier and you won’t believe the money you saved!

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